I recently completed invisalign correction with Dr. Brady's office and really enjoyed my experience.  While my dental corrections were complicated,  Dr. Brady not only developed a plan that met my needs from an aesthetic point-of-view but was able to make it work with my finances as well.  I really enjoy her staff as they are always energetic, engaging and friendly.  The practice is super clean, very modern and pleasant.  I would highly recommend giving this practice a try.

Karen Brady

When I was younger I had an accident that included cracked, nerve damaged front teeth.  Unrelated to the accident, I was told I would probably lose all my teeth by the time I was forty.  I am well over forty and through the incredible talents of Dr. Brady, her predecessors, and amazing support staff, I now have a smile I could only wish for as a child.  After undergoing so many dental procedures before coming to the practice, I can confidently attest to the care that is superior in all ways: physically, emotionally and psychologically.  Pain is not option.  In a comfortable, non-threatening manner, Dr. Brady corrects damaged teeth and ensures that the outcome is aesthetically pleasing.  Knowing that she continues to keep up with the latest advances in dental care through her yearly attendance at world renowned seminars assures me that I will always receive the finest care.  All staff members have contributed and continue to contribute to my positive experiences at the dentist: Leona sets the tone with a welcoming atmosphere - whether greeting me at the office or responding to my queries over the phone.  I am always assured that my concerns will be taken care of immediately.  Marina is diligently obsessed with ensuring my teeth remain clean and healthy.  Jeanette's assistance during procedures provides additional comfort so that I can just relax.  Quality in professional care and compassion is why I trust the practice of Dr. Brady.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you all,

                                                                                                                                                                                            Peggy Rizzo

I have been a patient of Dr. Brady for many years now, she's an excellent dentist and very thorough as she cares for her patients. I recommend Dr. Brady; The staff at her office are all very nice and caring as well.

Brian Sladovich

After decades of living in Bergen County, I moved to central NJ several years ago. I went in search of a local dentist, but couldn't find one that gave me the confidence I felt with Dr. Brady. She gives a thorough explanation of any treatment she is recommending, and has such a gentle way about her. Her staff as well makes you feel comfortable from the time you enter the waiting room. It is well worth the travel time to have her as my dentist.

Pat M. Fanwood, NJ